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Needlepoint Piano Bench Cover

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Needlepoint Piano Bench Cover

Needlepoint Piano Bench Covers Kits
Design Size - 20 x 27.9 inches - ( 51 cm x 71 cm )
Canvas Cut - 28 x 40 inches - ( four extra inches )
10 holes to the inch.

Price: $ 550

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Needlepoint Piano Benches

Memling is a very precise geometrical needlepoint design which allows for no improvisation. The Six central Motifs handsomely repeat and are bordered by a frame - which is included in the design. Ideal as a Needlepoint Rug - Headboard or Bench Cover.

Canvas is cut 27.6 x 39 inches - ( 70 x 100 cm. ) - Copyright 1995 Jan Voich

Needlepoint Piano Bench Cover

The success of Memling Needlepoint is proven by the centuries of its reproduction throughout over 2000 years of history. Commencing in the Armenian era of Urartu and seen in Hellenistic Mosaics - as well as repetitions evolving within the Roman and early Christian Arts.

The colors are dominated by a strong wine outlining the pale central motifs and repeating throughout the borders. The ecru becomes a pale yellow when combined with the mint green and the three shades of lavender and damson add the final combination of light modern decoration. A touch of baby blue was added to the center crosses and in the border.

Piano Benches

A Piano Bench cover usually measures 14 x 30 inches x 1 inch thick. The exception is a Grand Piano Bench Cover which is 35 inches long. This Needlepoint Patterns Design may be fit to these dimensions by folding the three inch side borders down and under.

Since we provide plenty of extra canvas the length should be elongated to 35 inches adding a strip of 3 1/2 inches ( to both ends ). The six central patterns will fit perfectly and the border will continue along the sides.

Needlepoint Piano Bench Cover

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We add extra canvas - for you to fit this Needlepoint to any size bench or carpet.

About the Design

Vase of Flowers c. 1485 by Hans Memling

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Vase of Flowers by Hans Memling c. 1485

Shown above is a reproduction of the Original painting titled Vase of Flowers c. 1485 by Hans Memling.


We took the Original Tapestry - out of this Hans Memling Painting c. 1485 and carefully prepared it for needlepoint. This was a very long and often frustrating process - yet after five years - the Complete Collection has proven to be very well accepted by all.

What is in the Kits

Our gift packaged needlepoint kits and canvases contain only the finest quality materials. The foam boxed kits include:

  • Zweigart Canvas with Design Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design
  • Full Sized Color Chart - Graph with Symbols and Numbered Color Code including Instructions with Diagrams (Kits only)
  • Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool - A Wool Code Card with a Numbered Color Code (Kits only)
  • Two Tapestry Needles
  • Our Wool is Wrapped in Color Coded Labels Matching the Colors on the Graph for Easy Identification and Coordination (Kits only)
  • Each Kit is Numbered and Registered to Control the Dye Lots Should We Need to Send Additional Wool (Kits only)

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