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Needlepoint Pillow Inserts Needlepoint Cushions Needlepoint Frames Needlepoint Coasters Needlepoint Finishing Instructions


Finishing Techniques

Memling Collection Needlepoint Coasters - Small Beginners Kits Needlepoint Beginner Kits Needlepoint Beginner Kits Needlepoint Finishing

Needlepoint Finishing and Needlework Finishing Techniques

Needlepoint Small Kits
Design Size - 5.4 x 4.8 inches - ( 13.7 cm x 12 cm )
12 holes to the inch.

Price: $ 65

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Cushion Inserts

Needlepoint Cushion Inserts Instructions

The stitches surrounding your finished needlepoint design need to be placed carefully - stitch by stitch - hand turning the wheel of your sewing machine - to achieve a perfectly straight line. Mix and match the sizes and background colors. Below we used a tangerine silk first - then a mustard backing - by slightly changing the central wool colors.

Needlepoint Cushion Inserts

The Pillows are backed ( inserted into ) raw silk Tapestry fabric - to add that touch of elegance. Backing the same motif in different colors will make a lovely set of matching pillows. Pick up the white - black - forest or mustard ( seen below ) - these will combine nicely within any room of your home.

Needlepoint Cushion Inserts

The raw silk surrounding is our favorite solution for our Needlepoint Cushions and Pillows. This fabric refreshes the yarn and eases the needlework into a light - elegant object - visually.

The textures of the natural fibers - compliment each other gracefully. The irregular quality of the raw silk surface - - actually enhances the perfection of the needlepoint stitches.

Framing Needlepoint Projects

Needlepoint Framing Instructions

Memling Motif - may be used as cushion inserts - coasters - framed - a pincushion - purse or combine the canvas for the dimensions desired.

Once the design is worked - block it perfectly square by steam ironing it on the reverse side. The beauty of any Needlework is only completely seen when it is - well blocked. If it is badly twisted - please consult a Professional Shop - as Needlework Finishing is an Art in itself.

Beginners Kits - Framed

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For the Framed Memling Needlepoint Motif we chose a shadow box framing technique. The Finished design is carefully glued to a very thin wood board - completely hiding the raw edges back around the sides. Contact glue ( rubber cement ) is recommended - however it is important to inquire about the most appropriate solution with your local crafts shop as to their recommendations. The brands vary in each country. Both the needlework - and the board need to be cured and then joined together.

This stitched design - backed by the board - is then fitted with a small cube in the exact center of the back. The cube we used measures 2 cm. on all sides.

Finally the motif - is glued to the back of the shadow box and the result is - the most in vogue - framing for modern art which will show your needlework - uniquely as well as keeping it dust free. The box may be painted in the color of choice. We chose an off white.

Needlepoint Coasters

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Vase of Flowers by Hans Memling c. 1485

Select the image above to view a reproduction of the Original painting.


We took the Original Tapestry - out of this Hans Memling Painting c. 1485 and carefully prepared it for needlepoint. This was a very long and often frustrating process - yet after five years - the Complete Collection has proven to be very well accepted.

Beginners Kits - Coasters

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To create the Needlepoint Coasters - After blocking and carefully folding and ironing the edges under - glue your needlepoint to a 3-mm. thick cork slab precut to the exact size of the finished needlework. Once this Coaster - is completely dry ( preferably overnight ) - be sure to Scotch Guard it to make it water ( or wine - etc. ) proof.

Dress up all rooms with exquisite and durable Memling Needlepoint Coasters. Decorative additions that will bring a classic and distinctive elegance to your home.

What is in the Kits

Our gift packaged needlepoint kits and canvases contain only the finest quality materials. The kits include:

  • Zweigart Canvas with Design Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design
  • Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool - (Kits only)
  • Instructions with Diagrams (Kits only)
  • One Tapestry Needle
  • Each Kit is Numbered and Registered to Control the Dye Lots Should We Need to Send Additional Wool (Kits only)

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