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About the Collections

Our Designs are basically Historical European Needlepoint to Contemporary - or Modern.

Within this Needlepoint Collections section of the website - we show and explain how each Design was developed and how it may be worked and finished into Pillows - Cushions - Rugs - Chair Seats - Coasters - Panels - Frames - Bench Covers and much more.

Detailed instructions are supplied within each tapestry kit - including full sized colored charts ( with symbols ) - photographs - fibers - needles and painted canvases.

Our Designs are available as both > Needlepoint Kits - ( view all Needlework Kits on this one page - if you are in a rush ) - or as - Canvases - only - without the wool and charts - then you are free to select the colors and fibers you want. The Fine Line are all - canvas only at this time.


We break this Needlework Catalog of our Web Site into different Collections which you may view by selecting the desired photograph above - by using any one of the Navigation bars placed on top of all pages - or the side navigation bar placed to your top right. The following Menu also describes the contents of each needlework section ( or collection ).

We include the historical development of the designs as well as the original source of inspiration for these Needlepoint Collections on each individual page. We hope you will enjoy the originality of our selections as we are constantly investigating new needle point themes.

Any suggestions would be well received as to what your interests are - by emailing us directly.

We always answer any correspondence personally and promptly.

What*s New

We are presently creating a whole line of new needlework designs - which will be - useful additions to your lives - and never thought of - to date.

Precise finishing instructions - with photographs ( for you - or your professional finisher ) - are included with these new kits and canvases - as well as finishing packages - with the necessary fabrics and accessories.

Our first design is now available - letters kits - the first of many - mouse pads.


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Trades of Talavera

The Trades of Talavera Collection

Rug Kits - Talavera

This first Collection is composed of eight different designs - joined together and entitled *The Trades of Talavera*.

Rug Kits Wall Hanging Rugs Needlepoint Tapestry Needlepoint Rug Needlepoint Table Cover Needlepoint Headboard and Bench Cover

The first photograph shows The Trades - as a Rug on the floor - where we exhibit this Collection. The following page you will see the eight designs joined as a successful > Wall Hanging where you may view the finished - blocked and joined panels closer up. On the following page - you will enjoy another close up of the finished Rug Kits alone - followed by this same Tapestry - informally draped over a chair outdoors in a private estate in Avila. We include an extensive history of Spanish Ceramics throughout these pages.

This collection is adapted from Seventeenth Century tiles from Talavera de la Reina - Spain.

Within this same collection - we then take you to the Heraldic Borders Rugs- showing you the four border designs joined together. These Four Different Needlework Designs ( forming the Frame seen previously ) may also be used as a Table Cover or  Headboard and Bedroom Bench. These needlepoint kits may be joined to form different sized rugs - tablecovers - headboards - bench covers - used separately as bell pulls or - to pull back drapes.

Needlepoint Figures

The Trades of Talavera Collection - Four Central Needlework Motifs

Kits - Talavera Collection

The next Collection are the Four Central Motifs from the Trades of Talavera Collection. First we show - The Proclaimer - matted and framed - placed in our Breakfast Room - and available as Kits or Canvases

The Countrywoman DesignThe Hunter Needlepoint KitsThe Proclaimer Needlepoint DesignsThe Weaver Needlepoint KitsTapestry Collection - Trades of Talavera Needlepoint

The Proclaimer - a close-up view of this Designer Needlepoint - matted and framed in a matching blue stained wood. The Countrywoman - framed is seen on the following page - The Hunter matted in ecru and framed - The Weaver- finished in a frame and - finally - the Four Motifs are seen together and finished in natural wood frames. This series of designs may also be made into Needlework Pillows and Cushions - as well as chair pads.

Memling Collection

Memling Collection Samantha Taylor for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Rugs - Hall Runner


A Special Edition of Memling Motif Kits as seen at - The Frick Collection

Hans Memling - Vase of Flowers - c. 1485 - 94
On loan from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The Frick Collection
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The Memling Collection - based on a Hans Memling painting - shows three different Patterns Designs - ( large - medium and small ) - available in three different color combinations. The original painting may be viewed within this section.

The first two pages show the joining of two large Memling Green panels in two different directions to create a hall runner Rug - as well as Area Rugs. On the following page - we show you the Green Memling Rug - also seen as a Piano Bench Cover - followed by the same pattern > then a close up of this > Patterns design.

Our Silk - Pillows - Memling Gul ( medium ) - in the Original Colors follows and shows how these panels may be finished into a cushion or pillow.

These follow with - Memling Motif ( small ) - the front of the packaged > Kit - the next page will show you the Original Painting seen on the back of this Beginners Project - we then show you three different Finishing solutions for this pattern design > a close up of Memling Motif in Our Frames - a Needle Point Coaster and a Pillow insert.

Finally - you will view the Medieval Kits in the Original Colors of the Hans Memling Tapestry - followed by the Blue Memling Needle Point Panels and then - the Green Memling Patternsshown packaged as Kits - although they are also available as canvases only. We have just added a new design to this collection > Table Runners and Place Mats with matching Trivets.

All designs are available as needlepoint kits or you may adquire the canvas only.

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Napoleon Needlepoint Chairs

Napoleon Needlepoint

Napoleon Chairs

The Napoleon II Needlepoint is a single and very magnificent > Chair Cover - as seen in this first photograph. We then show you the Napoleon Tapestry reproduced by ourselves and now available for purchase - followed by the Original Needlepoint showing the front and back sides.

Chairs Tapestry Pillows - Chairs

Napoleon may also be finished as a Pillow or Cushion as well as a Fire Screen.

Needlepoint Samplers

The Sampler Needlework Collection

Needlework Samplers

The Sampler Needlepoint Collection is basically one design offered in four different color combinations. You will see how eight colors combined produce a completely different finish as the colors of the yarn mix and change.

Blue Sampler Beige Blue Sampler Rose Sampler Beige Rose Sampler


The Baby Blue Needlepoint Samplersr are first shown on our Entrance Wall - next a Close Up of the Baby Sampler - ( matted and Framed ). The Beige Baby Blue Sampler becomes a tinge of Green and shown framed on our parlor wall and - as a pillow - then a Close Up in a natural wood frame. The Beige Rose Sampler is shown in one of our bathrooms followed by a close up matted and framed.

The > Rose Samplers finishes this collection.> Shown with a Framed Finishing on our web site - the Samplers may also be finished as Pillows or Needlepoint Cushions

Victorian Needlepoint Designs

Victorian Needlepoint Dolls Collection

Victorian Dolls

The Victorian Needlepoint Dolls Collection shows Abbey framed on our guest room wall - followed by Pearl and Ruthann - then a Close Up of Abbey with a very small history of Victorian Dolls and the Scotch Stitch - which we used for the background. Although shown in frames - these Victorian Dolls are also lovely as pillows or cushions. A good start for anyBeginner to Needlepoint - and available as a either a complete Kit or Canvas only.

Needlepoint Initials

The Initials Needlepoint Collection


The Initials Needlepoint Alphabet Collection consists of twenty-six letters or initials from the Alphabet. There are three sizes to choose from - available as kits or just canvases only - for your freedom to choose the fibers - colors and stitches.

The first page shows the Initial C framed in our study. The same Needlepoint Initial is next shown in the Baby Room beside a Baby Crib. Following is a Close Up of the Letters Framed - followed by the Initial V - the small Alphabets - and finally the new > Letters - made into Mouse Pads .

The entire alphabet is available and may be framed or finished as a Needlepoint Pillow or Cushion. Recommended Needlepoint Kits for Beginners. A nice gift for a Baby Shower - Anniversary or a Wedding - either stitched and finished - or as a lovely - gift packaged kit.

Needlepoint Initials Baby Letters Alphabets Needlepoint Initials Alphabets Letters

Needlepoint Canvases

Samantha Taylor*s Fine Line - Contemporary Needlepoint Canvas Collection

Needlepoint Canvases

Our Fine Line Needlepoint Canvas Collection is based on Contemporary Original Oil Paintings. These modern paintings are available as canvases only and are all on 12 or 18 mesh ( holes per inch ). We use Zweigart Mono Deluxe and Interlock Canvases.

The first of these designs is Mini Memling - followed by Mini Samplers. The Art Deco Needlepoint is on the following page - showing one of our newer designs - Deco Dance - faithful to the Art Deco Period - followed by Kabila - Resting - Sotogrande - Andalucia - Thinking - Needlepoint Pillow Thinking 2San Sebastian - Flower and Queen - in that order. These Finished Needlepoint Canvases may be framed or made into a pillow. We do not offer this more Contemporary Collection as Needlepoint Kits - at this time.

All the Canvases may be viewed by visiting the Needlepoint Canvases page.

Small Designs

Samantha Taylor Needlepoint Kits and Canvases - Small Designs

Small needlepoint designs are available to peruse in this section of the website.

Kits and canvases for children - teens and adults are great to begin learning how to needlepoint. Small projects are also popular for those who like to stitch while commuting or waiting.

Inside the Kits

Samantha Taylor Needlepoint Kits and Canvases - Gift Packaging and Contents

Needlepoint Kits

For those of you who are not familiar with our Products - we present this very complete section explaining the Product Presentation and Contents.

First is the closed Sampler Needlepoint Kits showing our gift packaged Kits. The Sampler Kit is found on the following page - opened and showing a photograph of the inside and kit contents. The Napoleon Tapestry Kit - Canvas and Original Tapestry together are on the next page - then we show you Kits including all contents - followed by a close up of needlepoint Canvases" href="details.htm">Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases.

The final two pages show a very detailed view of the Hunter > Pillow Kits with a Color Coded Tapestry Wool and charts followed by a general view of this same complete kit. Our Needlepoint Kits include everything you will need to stitch your project - as explained in detail within the above pages.

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